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What does your pet do when you leave for work? There are a lot of videos on YouTube of people putting GoPro cameras on their pets just to see what they are doing when left alone. Despicable Me creators are releasing a new movie called The Secret Life Of Pets based off the idea – what do dogs, cats, birds and other pets do when left alone? It includes their chats, listening to music, and using kitchen supplies in creative ways as well as playing with the television. The movie will be released in July 2016.

Wives of Westeros

Game of Thrones just finished its 5th season. While it left most of the audience shocked with the murders and deaths of (several?) characters – YouTube channel Dirty Cues presents a new parody. Game of Thrones Real Housewives of Westeros is a parody in which the show’s powerful women meet each other and gossip (what do they gossip about?). We see Margaery, Sansa, Cersei, Daenerys, Ellaria and Melisandre in addition to a lot of wine and some nudity.


Creators of Frozen and Big Hero 6 are releasing a new movie called Zootopia. Imagine that humans didn’t evolve and human society never happened. What if animals created their world, similar to humans, modern and civilized, living peacefully together, wearing clothes, and going to work? But some of them are naturally mortal enemies. They even have different abilities; for example, one can hear better, another can see clearer, and others can run faster.

Movie comes to cinemas in March, 2016


It is always my pleasure to find some true geekhearts out there, and enjoy theirj2panel_8759 passion for the geek culture. Recently I came upon Fangirl Quest. It started as three Finnish fangirls who decided to travel in Europe and take pictures in locations where their beloved movies were shot. They find the exact spot and take a photo the same way it was in the movie. As they gained more followers they were able to travel more. Their dedication is astonishing. With each of their trips and blog entries, you can feel unmeasured devotion and love. I highly encourage you to check them out and find some sweet, high-quality pictures.


Kung Fu Panda 3 is coming to cinemas. The story focuses on panda Po, who has always wanted to be a Kung Fu master, reaches his goal, and becomes one of the most dangerous warriors. Despite this, he is still silly, funny, and has the biggest heart on earth. He has never met other pandas, but that is going to change in the third movie, when he meets his potential father and travels to ‘Pandaland’. The movie brings together stars like Jack Black, Bryan Cranston, Angeline Jolie, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen and many others.

Movie comes out in January, 2016.

Movies for Kids

You may think that most animation films are for kids, and I’m not going to lie – most of their target audience is children. However, adults enjoy it nonetheless. HISHE and OnlyLeigh created a short clip about fangirls and going as an adult to animated movies. Enjoy.





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