Arrow vs. Stardust

CW show’s Arrow star, Stephen Amell is set to fight in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) event Summerslam which will take place in New York City, August 23. Amell (as he told his fans on his Facebook page) was and is a fan of WWE since he was a kid. Amell will appear side by side to Neville against Stardust and King 11836717_394834600727304_6112458675434091960_nBarrett. All those three guys are professional wrestlers.

Even though Amell is new to this kind of entertainment, he already got into feud with Stardust, WWE villain who despises Amell’s role Arrow. It all started in May, when Stardust mocked Amell. It all went to Twitter and got way bigger, meaner and worse.

It all popped when last Sunday Amell as always went to see some wrestling and after a match between Neville and King Barrett, Stardust showed up out of nowhere, went straight to the actor and punched him in the face. Amell took this insult seriously, he jumped out of where he was sitting, went to the ring and started beating the crap out of the Stardust. Security was called and guys pushed Amell to the corner and Stardust caught a break. He looked surprised and insulted while Amell shook hands with Neville, King Barrett helped Stardust to get on his feet.

After the incident Amell and Neville came to the show’s executive Triple H to grant him an official match with Stardust. While Triple H refused, Amell said “I’m an actor, I’m also a man. But if some guy will put his hands on me, I will fight back”. And the match was made.

Amell is known for his role Oliver Queen a.k.a. Arrow role in tv show Arrow based on DC universe’s comic books Green Arrow. Queen is a rich kid, who goes on the boat trip and after storm is stranded in the island. After 5 years he comes back to his family, though he is changed and decides to become a vigilante of his beloved Starling city. He fights bad guys, mafia and super villains. To pursue the role Amell had to train long and hard and mostly does all his stunts himself.

Why bother about all this? Good conflict and drama. Though watchers shouldn’t forget how much everything is scripted.

Both, Amell and Stardust will give fans great, worthy show of wrestling on August 23rd.

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